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Artwork Guidelines & Instructions


  • Adobe Illustrator - .ai or .eps

  • Adobe Photoshop - .psd or .tif

  • High Resolution PDF - .pdf


  1. Photoshop files should be 100 to 150 dpi at full output size

  2. Do NOT embed color profiles

  3. Provide a layered file.

  4. When using stock photography images, be sure to use the highest resolution version that your budget will allow.

  5. We use CMYK printed to create these graphics. 100% reproduction of defined colors is not possible. Differences between colors in the printed and original file can occur at many different stages. Variations in color or shading are often a result of viewing on un-calibrated equipment (monitors, printers, etc.) Colors will often appear different when viewed on two different monitors or output devices. Without accurate color information, we have no way of guaranteeing that expected colors will be achieved.

  6. Clearly indicate Pantone Values for all critical colors. Click here for definition of Pantone (PMS) colors.


  1. Artwork should be submitted the same day the order has been placed to avoid delays.

  2. After receiving your file, it will be reviewed within 24 hours for printing requirements. If the file does not meet all necessary requirements, you will be contacted by your representative.

  3. If corrections are required, you may make these changes yourself and resubmit the file or choose to have us make the corrections (if we are able to do so).

  4. After the file has been approved we will send you an electronic proof for your approval. We will proceed with printing and production ONLY after the proof has been explicitly approved by you.

  5. Production lead time starts AFTER proof has been approved by customer.

  6. Shipping time starts after production is complete.



  1. Please indicate any special positioning requirements.

  2. If using Illustrator, convert all fonts to outlines.

  3. If using Photoshop, rasterize all fonts.

  4. If matching Pantone colors, please provide a layered file. This allows us to make minor color corrections if necessary.

  5. Only send files relevant for output.

  6. Please prepare artwork according to the template provided for each product.

  7. File color mode must be CMYK.

  8. If using Illustrator, embed all images.

  9. Due to variations in output and viewing devices, we are unable to accept complaints about color variations unless all color matching guidelines have been followed.


  1. Please compress all files and folders using the ZIP file format

  2. Files must be name using your order/invoice number (i.e. You should have received your order/invoice number when your order was placed.

  3. will not address and is not responsible for delays due to improperly named files.

Uploading Instructions

  • Files under 10MB – Email to

  • Files over 10MB – Upload using Dropbox. A Dropbox link will be emailed to you once the order is created.

    • If you are unfamiliar with Dropbox, feel free to send artwork files via USB drive. Please write your order number on the drive and shipping envelop. Note: will not be responsible for returning any USB drives.


Send materials to:
Attn: Graphic Department
75 Shields Crt, Unit 1

Markham, ON L3R 9T4

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