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Numbered Tickets

Numbered Tickets

Numbered Tickets

Numbered tickets are printed using variable data, which are useful for concert, event, and raffle tickets.


Whether it is for a summer festival, school concert, or community theatre play, TYMICO offers full colour custom printed numbered tickets to help make your event a smashing success!

Paper Type:

  • 14pt Gloss (95 Bright C2S)

Available Sizes: ​

4" x 2"

5.5" x 2"

6" x 3.5"

8.5" x 3.5"

Colour:  Full Colour CMYK 1-Sided (4/0) or 2-Sided (4/4)
Quantities: 1 to 10,000

Finishing: Cut to size and box. Perforation is optional.

Special Instructions:


Each numbered ticket job must include 3 files:

1. PDF file

2. Excel file containing a list of the numbers you need printed on the tickets (For each field needed, please put all information in 1 vertical column. If there is more than one field requested, please add subsequent columns as needed)
3. Dummy version of artwork showing exactly where and how you need the numbers placed

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